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Do you want to add value to your business?

Precious Monét and her team have worked with a number of clients ranging from individuals to small businesses and large corporate organizations. Our take-charge mentality has accorded our lasting enviable reputation since we started practicing. We are ready to offer holistic, timely, effective, and affordable Management solutions to all our clients. We focus on building solid, lasting professional relationships that allow our clients to save money, grow organically, and set the right priority. 


We are experts that is equipped to work with clients in different industries and serve them uniquely, catering to their individual goals. If you need help developing the people that control your business or work in your organization, BHS Consulting Firm is the right business solution for you.  Over  services include the following:


Always remember that people should come first in every business or organization. Although technology is good, it can't run your business; people do. If you do not invest in your team, they can never produce what you need to scale your business. And if you are not satisfied with your business or organization's performance, engage professionals. If you need a tested and trusted consultant to work with, BHS Consulting Firm is capable and available. Contact us today!

Our Services 

Leadership Development

Organizational management

Employee Engagement

Conflict Management

HR Consulting

We specialize in developing and helping leaders to maximize their potential. Our Leadership Development style focuses on building the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to become an effective leader. We are exceptional in executive coaching, assessment and development, team building and facilitation, and a range of other leadership development strategies. Our customized approach allows us to tailor a program that meets the client's needs and guarantees positive outcomes.

We offer a range of Organizational Management services that help organizations achieve their goals. Our offers include strategic planning, process design and implementation, change management, resource optimization, performance management, and many more. In addition, we will leverage our experience as a consultant to develop and implement a plan that will help your organization reach its objectives.

As a seasoned group of consultants, we understand the importance of employee engagement and how it contributes to an organization's success. Therefore, we will work with you to create a comprehensive strategy that includes communication, recognition, development, and reward systems. We will equally provide coaching and assessment to ensure successful implementation.

Conflict is inevitable in any workplace, but when left unresolved, it can lead to decreased productivity and employee dissatisfaction. We offer Conflict Management services that help organizations identify, analyze, and address conflicts. Our services include training, mediation, facilitation, group problem-solving, and counseling on how to defuse the situation and create a more positive and productive atmosphere. We also help organizations to develop policies, procedures, and protocols to prevent and resolve conflicts. 

We offer comprehensive Human Resources consultancy services. We help develop strategies to recruit and retain talent and guides on how to manage employee performance and relations. Additionally, we can participate in training and provide guidance on compliance, employee development, and talent management. As experienced professionals, we can work with you to develop and implement plans that meet your organization's needs. We also provide coaching and training to ensure successful implementation.


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