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Precious Monèt ™

"The Purpose Pusher"

Precious Monèt ™ born and raised in New York, and now calling Atlanta her home, is an enthusiastic, experienced, certified, and result-oriented coach that juggles business and consultancy. Precious Monèt is a dynamic force and as a world-renowned Life Coach, HR Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, and Author, she takes great pride and is dedicated to supporting businesses and especially women all over the world. Her mastery of leadership development, change management, and employee engagement has brightened her journey so far. Her insatiable desire for growth and development keeps her on a mission to impact lives with her time and talents.

Precious journey was not easy and there was a time in her life when she felt unsupported, and was faced with many hardships and life challenges, however, she learned from them and it was well worth every letdown, disappointment, and challenge she had to face to be the strong person that she is today. She now understands what it takes to be successful after taking the necessary steps for self-development, improvement and mastering the art of going from healed to whole. 


Precious has committed herself to helping women and businesses actualize their goals for almost a decade. She launched "Be Her Support, an organization that collaborates with women to drive them to their purpose. Her winning strategy is boosting women's confidence through intensive coaching, focused retreat, meaningful events, and frequent usage of developmental tools that propel unrecognized women to live and thrive in their purpose.


Contact her today to learn more about how she can help you grow into yourself and your purpose. It will be a transformational experience.

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